31st Baskerville Challenge


It’s a sad announcement to give, but Basky is cancelled for another year.

We have had many discussions within the committee and it’s been decided that we can’t risk running this year, again.

Full refunds will be given to all that have booked in and paid.

Main reasons:

Just to name a few major points without all the other little things that will also need doing.

The committee putting on the Basky are only a small team, who would need to implement all the extra legal and safety aspects of running the event (in addition to the usual trial organization). We all felt it is just not worth the risk to the club, it’s members or a committee member to take responsibility for any legal repercussions in relation to Covid regulations and the implications that may occur following if we were found in breach of any terms and conditions put upon them/us.

We have looked at a one day trial in the bottom woods and its just not viable with the extra expense, travel distance and setting out costs.

We will be booking next years event ASAP and hopefully Covid will be a distant memory by then.

So, our next Trial, as an alternative. We have decided to organise an RTV/CCV 1 day Trial on the 15th August at Aberbeeg/Cwm. Keep an eye on website, Facebook/Messenger group for the links to sign on and marshal. We felt we must do something instead during August.